Exploring the Valley 2017-2018


'Exploring the Valley'  is a suite of works which have been painted in the traditional painting practice of en plein air (painted in the open air).

This practice was developed in the Romantic period with artists such as Turner and Constable but brought to fame by the Impressionists with Monet and Van Gogh.

Responding to the environment of the Hunter Valley and surrounds, I paint in the tradition practice of en plein air. I’m interested in showcasing the landscape of the area and its diversity. Over the past 2 years I have worked towards a large body of work which reflects not only the rich and dynamic landscape of the Hunter but also its fragility. Often reflecting the seasons and climatic conditions, my work responds directly to the natural environment.

Whether I’m painting a small 4 x 10 cm gouache, 23 x 40cm oil on ply or large 90 x 120 oil on canvas, my technique is both respective of the traditionalists but reflective of contemporary practice. When in the landscape, I like to work quick and intuitively with marks, colours and structure revealing the landscape at its best. At times tiwgs, insects and other debris find its way into the painting.
I intentionally leave this trace as I enjoy the evidence of our natural environment.