Rain rain don't go away.

I love the rain. It sounds beautiful on the tin roof. I can hear its melody now as I write this blog. The plants thrive, frogs croak and our tanks fill with precious water. You miss it when it doesn’t come especially after bouts of dry weather.

We moved up to the Hunter Valley about 10 years ago, during a significant drought. The ground was parched, nothing grew. The red soil dust got into everything. We had to buy water and not a drop was wasted. Mice thrived in the conditions. We found them everywhere, even in our beds. It was a challenging time.

But Nature provided. The rain did eventually come. Overnight the ground rejuvenated. The grass grew, a luscious sap green colour. Instead of mice in our beds we had endangered Green Tree frogs in our toilets.

Nature is my muse. Inspiring, beautiful and mysterious. I love her ability to rejuvenate despite hardship. The 18th C Romantic artists Turner, Friedrich and Constable were also captivated by what they called Nature Sublime - Fullest Feeling of Sublime: Immensity of Universe's extent or duration. (Pleasure from knowledge of observer's nothingness and oneness with Nature).Schopenhauer

Have a great weekend and I hope you get out and enjoy Nature Sublime.

Bec x