Let's Make a Creative Mess!

Hi Fellow Art Friends,

Apologies for not writing on my blog in recent months. I have been taking a sabbatical from writing and concentrating on family/work/life balance. Some days I just focus on breathing to get through the juggling act! I’m sure many of you feel the same? Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, they teach me so many wonderful life lessons but they are active boys who require my total attention at times.

Delicous Margan veg

Delicous Margan veg

Various sketchbooks in process

Various sketchbooks in process

Last week I posted an image of my cache of sketchbooks which I’ve collected from my recent collaboration with Margan Family Wines. It’s been lovely drawing weekly in their garden; documenting the plethora of organic veg and fruit. It’s a visual feast for the eyes. It it a nice reminder of my "In Season" series too.

A Facebook friend commented that her daughter fills her sketchbooks with drawings too. It made me realise how special childhood is to our artistic freedom and a particular life lesson my kids have taught me.

I encourage my boys to draw outside the lines. Experiment with shapes, colours and marks. Play with the layering of colours and show the journey of the work. All the time simply having fun with the process.

It’s important to celebrate the process of making art and be present in the moment. Try not to have a fixed attachment to a goal or to make the work resemble something figurative. I feel young kids love this style of working. We were all a Picasso or Van Gogh in our childhood.

Our home office with the boys artworks displayed on the wall.

Our home office with the boys artworks displayed on the wall.

It’s when kids reach high school that they can give up. When their drawings don’t “look real” they tend to stop trying. This is when we should really encourage our kids to keep going. Keep looking. Keep experimenting, especially with sketchbooks. Try not to be tied to a fixed outcome, just let go and be free.

Celebrate their imperfections and the fact that they are making a creative mess. It’s such a valuable life lesson. I love how the act of art making can teach us many life lessons.

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect! (Eek, did I say that out loud!)

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Yours in art,

Bec x

Work can be seen at Margan Restaurant at Margan Family Wines, Milbrodale Rd Broke, Hunter Valley,