GOING HOME - the healing landscape

 My current work incorporates all my passions in life – the Australian landscape, painting and Reiki energy work.

Reiki is a form of energy healing where practitioners, like myself, use hands on healing to promote wellness in their patients. I seek to do this with my work too. I’m fascinated with energy and what Reiki healers call Universal Energy.

Each painting begins its life in the outdoors where it energetically connects with the earth.

I live with my family on a vineyard in Pokolbin, Australia and paint directly in my ‘backyard’ in the Impressionist style of en plein air (open air painting). Due to painting outside and being in the open environment, paintings are raw, energetic, vibrant and expressive. As painters we are subject to the weather, insects and time. A cloud or shadow does not stay the same. It is in a constant state of flux; an energetic vibration.

I often use the technique ‘alla prima’ which means direct painting. No going back to the studio to rework the paintings. As such sticks, leaves, dirt and other debris can sometimes be found in the paintings which I enjoy.